most expensive prep store?

whats’s the most expensive prep store? theses are the ones I know of, in order of prices; Ruehl, then abercrombie, hollister, american eagle,and aeropostale being the most affordable.

Answer #1

I would probably say abercrombie and then hollister. but not Ruehl first. :)

Answer #2

A&F and Hollister.

Answer #3

abercrombie and fitch and then hollister

Answer #4

Jack wills. And it’s the best. I love JW!

Answer #5

ruehl is the most expensive along with gilly hicks (they are sister stores, along with abercrombie kids, and a+f) gilly hicks is the abercrombie undergrament store…and ruehl is the womens/more grown up abercrombie and fitch it is aimed at a 25+ consumer while abercrombie and fitch is aimed at 18-24, hollister is 13-18, and abercrombie is 6-12. hopes this helps

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