Why should Darvin's Evolutionary theory be challenged?

Why should darwin’s evolution theory be challenged..is it just religious basis..

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I hoped one of you guys replied scientific answers on Darwin Theory. we all believe in God Creator especially I am a muslim however this is not the way you should answer on scientific evidences of the theory.

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Pretty sure almost every scientist challenged Darwin’s evolution theory when it was first proposed. Accepting something because everyone else says you should is pretty darn stupid and regressive.

Gravity has been upgraded from theory to law, by the way. They’re thinking of doing the same thing to the theory of evolution, but it has yet to be proven to be “simple, true, universal, and absolute.”

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who gives a crap. evolution is not real…

Darwin even said so on his death bed. He said it was all a lie.

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Research, Research , Research. . . . haileybre, I don’t know who told you darwen said that but it is only an Urban legend. . . Darwen never repented of his theory. http://wiki.cotch.net/index.php/Darwin_recanted_on_his_death_bed http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/d/darwin.htm

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Captain. . . . . you beat me to the draw. . .

Must be the warm Texas Air.

Filletofspam the RCC also has no problem with basing it’s governing system on the Roman Empire instead of the Bible.

and I’d like someone to tell me how Darwin’s theory is Religious?!?!

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as you know all three major religion jews, chirstrian and Islam contradict darwin theory.

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no, its just a theaory its not proven but at the same time so is all religion…I belive that God created the universe…and the first life (the garden) and that planet excists to this day as heaven and hell heven=the garden hell+the rest of the planet out side of the garden and God send the pure to the garden and the damned to hell…sorry if I strected it out long soo…the answer is no

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silverwings–if you break a big stone into 100 pieces do you get 100 identical pieces..u can get 1 or 2 identical pieces at a probability of 1 in 20million…with so many millions of cahnces this same probability explodes in case of human features.. and your question contradicts the belief of god creation..how could adam and eve’s children so diversify if there waqs no evolution..did god agin come and did some mechanics?

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Ms doc… can you tell me how it might be possible that every person on this planet, which now, exceeds 5 billion, I believe, has different finger prints, and voice patterns?? If they evolved… from something, and were not individually and wonderfully made, by a loving God , that loves diversity ???

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The theory of evolution is scientific, not religious. It is not an article of faith to be expressed but rather it has been well-tested and has been observed and repeated in experiments. It is the foundation of modern biology and we owe our vaccinations and modern medications to it.

Certainly we should continue to challenge and explore what we don’t know until we arrive at the answers but it’s silly to continue trying to tear down fact just because it makes us feel less special.

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Gravity is a theory as well but I don’t recommend jumping off a tall building because “it’s just a theory.”

For the majority of believers have no problem with evolution. The largest church in the world the Roman Catholic Church has no problem with the big bang theory or the theory of evolution.

It is only the folks who hold every word of the Blbile to be literally true without any symbolism. allegory, metaphor, or error that find their beliefs threatened by evolution.

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Well, Christian scholars haven’t been able to PROVE Genesis is factual, until then, it will simply remain as widely believed speculation…

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does the who factor signify anything…I d rather spend my time on how…and if the how factor gets completely solved who is no more a question..

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Well, some Christians now believe that Noah had dinosaurs on the ark, and that the ‘biblical flood’ is what caused continental drift…

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I think OP was wondering if there are any reasons (aside from the religious ones) the theory of evolution should be challenged.

Answer #16

Because its a theory…

A theory which has evidence to support it, but ultimately has yet to be PROVEN.

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Challenge it scientifically, fine! Challenge it as a Christian, just because you THINK it’s not what’s in Genesis, and I think you’re asking for trouble. Genesis tells us the big answers - WHO made everything, and WHY. Science can only give us some little details, like HOW. That’s not a challenge to my evangelical Christain faith, and I think it’s a shame that many evangelicals have been toaught to fear science.

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And can any religion explain about the thousands of skulls and evolutionary remnants that has been unearthed around the world including the jurrassic age..

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