911- was it an inside job?

well what do you think, and please stick to the topic. as for me, I believe it was 100% an inside job.

Answer #1

everybody thinks theres a different side of the story. that something so serious could be so simple. accept it people there was no bush conspiracy. they were al qaida agents. we have proof. they recovered audio and video footage. accept it they were terrorists doing what every terrorists wanted to do. strike fear into the hearts of every american.we hadnt expierienced something like this since pearl harbor. Al Qaida even claimed responsibility as Japan did after Pearl Harbor.

Answer #2

No…I think it was the culmination of miscommunications, non-believers in the political heirarchy, egos within the various intelligence agencies, and gawd only knows what else…a complete cluster-f*ck…


Answer #3

“I will say what I find VERY odd about this whole situation is that Bush is accused of being an idiot, then how was he able to organize such a massive hoax?”

He was an idiot, but Cheney wasn’t as stupid. But no matter what, they only had to know it was coming and do nothing about it. Bush was very good at doing nothing.

Answer #4

Terrorist have been trying to bring down those towers for a long time. It goes both ways, yes some evidence suggest that it was an inside job but there is also evidence that says otherwise. The theorist do make some good points, but my argument to them is that if they were right then what about the families that were on the plane?
I will say what I find VERY odd about this whole situation is that Bush is accused of being an idiot, then how was he able to organize such a massive hoax?

Answer #5

I am not sure we will every know everything. There are certainly way too many unanswered questions. I don’t believe most of the crazier conspiracy theories. It was commercial ariliners that crashed into the towers and the pentagon, not military drones. The towers collapsed from the damage from the planes, not from detonation.

I do however believe it is very possible that Bush and Cheney knew something big was coming, and did nothing to prevent. They needed an excuse to go into Iraq, and they got one.

Look into Project for a new american century. They had their eyes on Iraq long before they came to power.

Answer #6

There is one fact in all the mess: the investigation was sloopy and incomplete. Even today, we know very little about what really happened.

If we have (or could have?) a missile system that can protect us against a long range strike by a foreign country…then, why can’t the same detection system (radar) know that a plane is about to hit the pentagon?

Today, I can track my cell phone over a satellite with some free / cheap software…I refuse to believe 8 years ago, the government couldn’t track a plane on GPS & know it’s trajectory and how far off course it was.

Answer #7

I don’t know if I believe that it was an inside job, but I do believe they knew it was going to happen and did nothing to stop it.

Answer #8

I completely agree that it was an inside job. if uv heard the interviews many said there was a loud explosion from da bottom of the building and if it was infact the plane then how culd the explosion cum from da bottom. and also the towers emploded. if der waznt an explosion it shuld have tipd over if netin but it didnt. as for the pentagon I tink its bullshiet because da area it hit was da defensive area. and da turbines were meltd and da fuel from the plane is nawt hot enuff 2 melt the turbines. so if you cnt understand it I ramble when I get n2 a topic

Answer #9

This subject is old, people! Find something else to talk about.

Answer #10

Hey everyone thanx for the feedback, all your reply’s are awsome,thanx

Answer #11

Inside job!

Answer #12

No - Terrorists attacked to kill ‘infidels’.

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