what are the 6 strings on a guitar?

i dont know what the 2nd string is. i think its: e minor, ~~, e major, a, d, g. anyone know if im right and what the 2nd string is?

Answer #1

E A D G B e = Eddie Ate Dinamite Good Bye Eddie :]

Thick string at the top is top E and thinnest is at the bottom which is bottom e

Answer #2

E,B,G,D,A,E Easter.Bunny.Gets.Drunk.At.Easter=)

Answer #3

ooh, I like that one :]

Answer #4

lolz thanx=)

Answer #5

“Easter.Bunny.Gets.Drunk.At.Easter” maybe that’s why all those funny colored eggs show up scattered around my house…..

Answer #6


Answer #7

The most standard tuning is E A D G B E but it can be tuned lots of ways.

When kids have toy guitars I usually tune them for bar chords where they can play Major chords open or by baring up and down the neck. Usually E G# E G# B E.

There are many alternate tunings that have one advantage or another over standard tuning. Some are easier for players of other string instruments to adapt to; some make certain riffs or chords that are difficult or impossible with standard tuning easy. Tuning guitars flat or even transposing them down half a step to several steps produces a darker sound. Eb tuning with each string half a step lower is common and to get even darker sounds guitar players have tuned their strings even lower; sometimes down to Bb. Down tuned guitars gives heavy metal it’s characteristic dark ominous sound.

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