12 string guitar

Is a 12 string harder to play than a 6 string?

Answer #1

I honestly dont find it any different or harder

Answer #2

Its always good to learn a 6 string first!!

I have a 6 string and a 12 string!

It is harder, but the chords are beautiful!! Strumming is definatly what itis made for :)

Answer #3

yes especially since with 6 more strings there is almost an endless amount of new chords you could learn 6 string guitars are hard enough for some people if you want a 12 string at least make sure you can play a 6 string really good

Answer #4

Yes, of course. It definatly takes more time and patience to learn how to play. You have a lot more strings and cords to learn.

Answer #5

Depends on what you’re trying to do with it. If your callouses aren’t well developed, it might hurt a little more, but if the action is adjusted well, there shouldn’t be a problem. Picking is more difficult, fingerpicking almost impossible unless you have long nails. And don’t worry about the yobbos telling you that there are more chords to learn. That’s bollocks. Same chords, same scales (depending on your tuning scheme), same fingering.

Answer #6

of course it is. there’s more strings.

Answer #7

DUHHH! people CaN BaRlEy pLy A 6StRiNg what Do yEw tHiNk? haha

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