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The Jetsons?

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The Jetsons was supposed to take place in 2062. Why does everyone think that the Jetsons is so advanced. The tallest buildings in the Jetsons were about 2200 feet. In 2008 the Burj Dubai will be 3000 feet and in 2012 the Al Burj will be 4000 feet. There are about 4 buildings planned in the near future to be over one mile high. Some are even going to be 6,000 feet high. In April 2018 Lift port says it will have completed a fully functional space elevator that is 62,000 miles high! 2018 and even 2008 seems much more advanced than the Jetsons. I guess The Jetsons 2062 was no where near as advanced as 2008 is real life. I don't see any 62,000 mile high space elevator in the Jetsons. There are just some small 2200 feet buildings. And another thing I have seen the ground many times in the Jetson. I have seen the grass in the show. Why do they say they never see the ground. In the Tv show, in one episode Henry moves the Skypad apartment up from 2,000 feet to 3,000 feet to get it out of the rain but clouds are about 6 miles high which is over 30,000 feet. This is like saying that if you stood on the top of the Burj Dubai you wouldn't get rained on . Any comments?