3 french braids...

If my ymom does 3 french braids tonight with wet hair, and when I wake up in the morining, will my hair be wavy? But I’ve done it before and I have shorter hair so it won’t be nice it will probaly just puff out becuase it’s short right? do the french braids need to be tight? loose? my moms not very goodo at french braiding by the way lol.

Answer #1

I have short hair and after a shower I had my neighbor french braid mine in pig tails… the next day I took them out and my hair was wavy! Even though my hair is short I personally think it still looked cute. here’s a pic… you can use some hairspray to hold the hair togetehr better… after you take the braids out, use your hands to pull the hair apart so it’s not like 3 seperate chunks… it will prob look good, try it if worse comes to worse you can wet your hair and you will be back to normal :)

Answer #2

The looser the braid the looser the waves. Even with short hair it could still be wavy but the braids would have to be tighter.

Answer #3

omg thankyou ! that loooks SOO pretty!

Answer #4

Here it is…

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