What should i do for my 21st?????

Answer #1

HAVE FUN !! Throw a big party, invite friends, drink bear and spend the night out ! =)

Answer #2

yah thats the plan lol i wasn’t sure if i shout have like a fancy dress or not though i was thinking toga party

Answer #3

If u were going to dance and stuff, try something chiic but not really fancy, so you can be comfortable !! and wear something that suits you ( color, shape, type ) who knows who might fall for you? :P

Answer #4

lol nice thanks for the advice ill think about it now ta

Answer #5

Ur wlcm !! =)

Answer #6

get rat arsed :D

Answer #7

Go out and party with other friends who are 21….be sure to designate a driver…and have a GREAT time.

Answer #8

You should get a book of different mixed drinks. Get a lot of supplies and try them out at your party.

Answer #9

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Answer #10

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Answer #11

I don’t know if its too late but let me share it anyway. I promised myself that I would start drinking alcohol when I reach 18. It was hard to make it come it true because almost all my friends drink and you know how hard to resist peer pressure right? But I was able to control myself. So on my 18th b-day, I invited some special friends to come over. We had the longest drinking session ever and I drank as much alcohol as I can. It was just a simple fulfillment but I consider it as a success and a celebration for saying no to temptations for at least 18 years. 21st birthday must really be special for you so I suggest you do something memorable and fun. Simple things sometimes can make it extra special. Happy Birthday! Enjoy! (^^,)

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