Themes for my 21st birthday?

I need some ideas for my 21st bday party!! I’m going alll out… I wanted to do an 80’s theme but I changed my mind… I want something AMAZING!!! IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS!!! THANKS

Answer #1

why not a bad taste party? they are always fun. be it bad taste people ( osama bin laden, robert maxwell etc) or just bad taste in clothes ( shell suits, flares, etc) You can even have bad taste music - though that usually encourages people to leave (lets face it who really likes val doonican or the vega boys? - theres bad taste and theres torture)

Answer #2

No way you have to have a clotheless party!!! You can wear anything just aslong as it doesnt contain cloth… so your left with random objects and garbage bags haha we made provincial news with ours… 300 people charged with indecent exposure walking home!!! haha goodluck :)

Answer #3

I had a 20’s flapper party and the guys all wore suits that reflected the era!! It was fun and glamourous, beautiful! I had so much fun and the pictures of all the girls and guys looked amazing because we were all dressed up!! So much fun!! you might even want to (depending on the bar) research what drinks were popular that you might like during that time and sometimes the bar might give you a special. or if it is a at home party then have the ingredients ready for a popular 20’s cocktail!! have fun!!

Answer #4

My best friend had a Mafia party we all looked so good and it was awesome never had so much fun and we all had a ball shopping for an oufit and getting dressed up will definately do that again!!!

Answer #5

Prettyboy/ian says have a hip hop them go all out

Answer #6

TOGA!! I did this and I have so many ideas on food and decor and easy toga wear instructions. Its hot. Do it, you’ll love it.

Answer #7

Thanks!!! I don’t know I was thinking some kind of glamour or something I don’t know…

Answer #8

I am turnin 21 next year june 4th and I want pink and white but my friends want grown and sexy as the theme. I need help

Answer #9

What about a Hollywood in the 1960’s theme? Or a red carpet party (everyone has to wear formals)? Or a 20’s flapper party?

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