What alcohol, activities and snacks should I get for my 21st Birthday Party?

I’ll be getting a 2 room suite at a hotel to have the party at. What’s some tasty beverages to bring and whats some good games to get wasted to?

Answer #1

mikes hard lemonade and stuff is good if u ask me or you could do shooters

Answer #2

[1] Blue Motorcycles [2] Long Island Iced Tea [3] Vodka [4] Strip poker with alcohol. :]

Fun, fun, fun.

Answer #3

Oh yeah, don’t forget some jello shots…they can be fun.

Answer #4

Blue Motorcycles? Interesting. I’ll have to look that up. I was also looking at getting Bacardi hurricane, Malibu or Parrot Bay and UV Blue.

What about activities though? I don’t think I’m gonna have a big party, just get together with some close friends. Dunno yet whether or not the hotel has a stereo.

Answer #5

long island ice tea is my favorite

Answer #6

Stuff made me paranoid and caused panic atack.Did it effect you on your first time like me? I wonder everybody has the same start point with it

Answer #7

Mmmm…Smirnoff’s is a good alcoholic beverage. Get the ingredients for rum and coke too :) And if you’re gonna have girls there, get some wine coolers, lol… For snacks you can do popcorn, candy, and whatever else you can think of (yes I know I’m not that original, lol). Also, try asking the people you’re inviting what they’d like just in case :)

Answer #8

good idea.

Answer #9

Haha. Thanks. I thought that one out :)

Answer #10

Alright so here’s the alcohol list: Bacardi Hurricane, Bacardi Rum Island Iced Tea, Smirnoff Party Pack, Heineken, Smirnoff Vodka and Juice.

Answer #11

Theres always beer pong and flip cup, and you should have a twister game in the room someone will probably want to play(the girls anyway)lol

Answer #12

huh lol i don’t drink often but no it didn’t bother me at all

Answer #13

grey goose nd jack daniels!

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