What should I do for my 17th birthday?

My 17th birthday is next week… I want to have a party, but there’s no time for a sleepover anytime soon and I don’t know want else to do. I’m kind of bored of doing the same old things all the time– I’d like to figure out something that’s not going to cost a lot, that can be done at my house, and above all, something that’s different. My birthday is on a tuseday this year, and happens to fall in the first week my friends and I have band practices. I was hoping to have people over sometime after band that day (ends at 1pm I think) but the problem is that I’m running out of time and I can’t think of anything exciting to do. If any one has ny ideas of fun themes, food, or games for about 15 people, guys and girls, it would be greatly appreciated! It’s just about the last week of summer that my friends and I have any time to do much of anything, so I’d like it to be kind of special and to be able to end the summer on a good note, so to speak. Thanks!

Answer #1

im turning 17 june 1dt im thinking to hit up a teen club rent out a VIP section have some of my really good friends and invite all you know to that club then party hard and stay at a hotel with some close friends :) sounds fun to me because then you can do whatever at the hotel stay at the pool you know w.e good luck

Answer #2


Here are some ideas:

  • dj -movie projector -black+white theme -summer theme -chocolate fondue machine -line dancing coach
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