How can a 13-year-old girl grow taller?

Hi, I’m 13 years old and my height is just really.. well I sometimes hate it. I’m about 4”6 or 4”7 and I KNOW your are probably thinking “woaaah, you ARE really short.” I know I am, but I really wanna grow. people sometimes really say mean things about my height and I wish that can stop. I’m okay about my weight (75-82 pounds) but my height just really bothers me.

any advice please?

Answer #1

I know! I’m 13 and only 4”11. Eat vitamines and run everyday. Hope I helped! :)

Answer #2

You’re still very young. There is a good chance you will continue to grow over the next few years.

Answer #3

I’m about 5’2 and I’m 13, but everyone at my school is like 5’4 or 5’5 so I feel really short! I hope I can grow taller too! Good luck, though! Most likely, you will grow taller :)

Answer #4

dont worry… I got the same problem here… I am 13 and in 6th grade and I am only 4,2…I hate it when people say mean things about me…:(

Answer #5

hey im 15 and only 4 feet 11 inches i kno how ya feel

Answer #6

woaah! me and crazyjt91 have sum’in in common.. im 15 too and im just 4’11 (female), I’ve been insulted so many times in my school especially at home…(my dad used to tease me-I hate him)

I don’t know if I will still grow taller.. but im tryna eat d right foods… vitamin D will help…

Answer #7

im going through the same problem. im 4’9 and im in 8th grade. people call me names. sometimes people dont respect me. I go to specialist for height and its not turning out so good. I’ve been rejected because of my shortness. people who are tall dont know what we go through every day.

Answer #8

well I don’t know about pills or anything but you might have a growth spurt

Answer #9

you have to skip on your skipping rope that how I grew. In 1 year I grew 15cms from that. And I have a friend who’s dad is 5’1 and because of that he had no choice but skip on his skipping and now he is 6’8

Answer #10

well im 13 this year and im trying to grow tall to because people in the hall always say shes small or say im a munchkin one day someone said I was like a deworth it really hurts your fellings. so eat hefly and eat or drink things with the right amount of calseum I hope that will help.

Answer #11

Ignore the ‘meanies’ they’re speaking out of ignorance and are far from perfect themselves - I would consult my Family Doctor and see what he says about possible growth hormone if it’s really a serious concern..I wish you the very best !!

Answer #12

I am not short. I am 5.3 right now, but let me tell you something!! god made us all the way he wants us to be but people take it to seriusly, besides I think most small girls are hot(I am a dude)

Answer #13

Wow your short I’m 6’7 and im 12 I’ll be 13 in 2 months.You come up to about my waist because my 6yr old sis is about 4’7.AIght hope you get taller and you will.It’s not really an accomplishmennt.Just an advantage and ego.You could probably bench press more than me and are smarter.My dad is 6’9 and my brother is 5’6 at 9yrs old.My mom is 6’3 and older sister is 6’4 and 15.She is having growing pains and is growing now she is 6’6.Will she be taller than me.I’ve been taller than her since 3 or 2.Even at puberty ithink she is a late bloomer.ScaRY!She’s been like my litlle sister.Are family’s huge my adult height is 7’7.

Answer #14

well im 13 and i am 4 feet 11inches im short

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