Can a 14 year old girl get breast cancer?

Well, I just want to make sure I won’t get it, because my grandmother got it 13 years ago, but she’s fine now, it’s gone.. I’m really sscared! I don’t want to get breastcacer, because lots of women are gettin’ it these days… I’m 14 Please tell me I won’t get it at this age! .. smiling to make me feel better

Answer #1

yes! seek medical assistant…

Answer #2

well you probally are scared and I dont know who can get it.but you should probally try to remember what your boobs look like!lol.JK!!! I wish you ythe best of luck though.

Answer #3

Thats scary..I no how you feel tho because breast cancer also runs in mi family mi aunt had it and mi great grandmother also had it..I don’t think you cud get it 14 but I don’t no fer certian I really hope not tho! I wish you the best of luck and that’s really good that your grandmother got threw it :) I no how tough it is when a family member is sick..

Answer #4

I know how scared you r and thats good for your grandma that she made it through when I was 18yrs I notice a lump in my breast and till this day im 20 now scared 2 go 2 the docter cause I dont want to know what I have which is dumb but id rather try and enjoy my life now how it is then knowing I have to go to kemo or that I’ll die in a few years I never heard of getting breast cancer at such a young age but I juss hope you dont

Answer #5

My girlfren has this breast cancer too,c got it when c was 15 years now c’z 23.c checked up,took medicines,made lil bit less pain but couldnt stop completely.I didnt know wht to do, all I could do was love was really akward to massage her breast,but that was the only hope…

Answer #6

my best friend got breast cancer when she was 17 years old and luckly they found it soon enough to get it before it spreaded

Answer #7

Each woman’s breast cancer risk may be higher or lower, depending upon a several factors, including family history, genetics, age of menstruation, and other factors that have not yet been identified. While breast cancer is less common at a young age (I.e., in their thirties), younger women tend to have more aggressive breast cancers than older women, which may explain why survival rates are lower among younger women. All women are at risk for developing breast cancer. The older a woman is, the greater her chances of developing breast cancer. Approximately 77% of breast cancer cases occur in women over 50 years of age.

So, it’s highly unlikely that you can get breast cancer at your age, but always perform regular breast checks on yourself, early detection is the best way to safely remove the cancer from your body.

Here are a few reading materials for you on it:

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