15 and wanting to be a Dad

ok im 15 and just had a dream that I was a dad…what does that mean. I woke and thought: I want 2 b a dad. is that normal,akward,etc? need help im confused

Answer #1

Nice dream - implement after this Plan: education, marriage, get financially stable, then fatherhood…I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

um I don’t know you really got to think bout it because its not easy you got to get a job ext =p

Answer #3

first off lets address this on a realistic level. are you working? do you make enough money to support a family? do you understand that being a parent is a FULL TIME thing? have you put thought into you dropping out of school because you wont have time because you will be raising a baby?

maybe you would be a great father one day but you’re 15 years old and not mentally ready to raise a family making probably 6 bucks an hour?

where are you going to raise this kid? do you work?

enjoy your youth kid. once it’s gone you can never get it back. enjoy it while it lasts.

Answer #4

im 14 and I want a baby too, my boyfriend is 15. im pregnant now, I just found out a few minutes ago:) I know it seems crazy. but even if you where just thinking that and have now decided you dont really want to be a dad. its still hard, you gotta deal with a lot of things, and I know what your thinking “oh yeah, some 14yearold * whos having a baby is telling me about whats crazy” but I wanted this baby, so its completely different. if you really want a baby, make sure you want to be with the person you have one with forever, and go for itt

Answer #5

So you had this urge to become a father, interesting. it ought to wear off. That’s how I feel sometimes when I dream I wake up and go wow I really want to do/be this. But it doest last. Reality comes into my mind. you want a cute kid, that’s normal. But are u ready for it?

Answer #6

I would guess that the dream means you feel ready to approach things that you correlate with fatherhood, like more responsibility , more authority, wanting to provide, or whatever else comes to mind. It could also be a confrontation of something you fear. Dreams are often puzzling, and they don’t always translate into concrete meanings. Sometimes they don’t mean anything at all.

Answer #7

its normal … but just hold off for a little while .

Answer #8

naaa if you like kids msg me and I tell you the rest also umm are you datin a girl it might b somthing you fear

Answer #9

I wouldn’t read too much into it. You, usually dream things that you have, previously, been thinking about. I’m no expert but I am 54 and this has been my experience. Sometimes the things we dream of can represent something else. Say, you are having a dream where you are in a car and it has gotten stuck in the mud. This could mean that you are at a point in your life where you feel you aren’t going anywhere. You’re stuck in the mud or you could feel like you’re boring. Your a ‘stuck in the mud’ (and old saying that means you’re a bore). Your dream may symbolize something else. Go to www.google.com and type in (want to be dad dream). You should find something.

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