14th b-day party!!!

ok so my birthday is march 9th which is coming up pretty fast!! and my mom is getting me a wii for my b-day and we were thinking about inviting my friends and family and calling it a wii party! so people come and hang out and play the wii! but the problem is…is that I need some color choices like plates and forks decorations ect… I really like black (emo coming out of me!) lol but I want different colors! and also what do I get for party favors? the ages for the people are 10-16?? got any ideas?

Answer #1

I would do rainbow, kinda emoish if you add touches of black! And in the goodie bags they heve little candie wii motes that would so totally work!

Answer #2

ohh right, I guessed it was that, I don’t know where you are from, but I’ve never heard that term in England.

Answer #3

I would go with like orange, hot pink, a bright green and a bunch of those bright colors. I thnk that mayb you should like just put a buch of candy in the bag you are going to give them

Answer #4

For the colour plates etc I think really bright colours :) Like green, red, (well colours that stand out :))

Answer #5

RED andd why a wii party a Hotell party is way better you could gett drunkk andd party favors could be them lil bottles on malibu and gray goose lol

Answer #6

yucky pink!!! haha! just to tell you guys I hate pink!! and ik that girls love pink!! but I dont really like it

Answer #7

ummm im 13 and I dont like drinking!!! I dont like people that drink!

Answer #8

omg my best friends birthday is march 9 too!!! and hes turning 14 too!!!

Answer #9

like little gifts you give to people for coming to the party?

Answer #10

im from the united states so yeah!! haha

Answer #11

what are “party favors”?

Answer #12

Black and pink all the way :D

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