What should iget my boyfriend for his b-day?

His birthday is the 26th of this mouth and I don’t know what to get himmm. Any suggestionns?

Answer #1

I always like to get my boyfriend 2 or 3 decorative boxes and fill them with stuff..one could have decorations like those lil balls or colored paper and a cd with all the pics you had togeteher fill the other box with also decorations and fancy chocolate fill the third with a perfume or somethin it all depends on your budget it would also b nice if you invite him for dinner and there just agree with the waiters ahead of time to appear at the end of your dinner with a cake along with candles you can also get him a bracelet with your initials encraved on it if he is into these stuff you can get him cute stuff so that he could put in his room to remind him of u you can put a lovely picture of you or you and him in a cool frame or you make the frame urself he’ll appreciate it

hope I helped :)

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