How can a 13 year old relax and look beautyful in the morning than normaly if she cant wear makeup?

Answer #1

Its beautiful. and it really depends on your skin type and what ur skin looks like, because sometimes certain shouldnt go out with a lil cover up. figure these things out first. is my skin dry? is my skin oily? do i have acne? do i have dark circles under my eyes? if any of these things are true its good to try and figure out a solution for them but as for the acne and dark cirlces make up covers all that up

Answer #2

Honestly, you don’t need make up every morning. I recently just gave it up and it’s so much better. You don’t have to worry about your make up being messed up. Or when people get used to seeing you with make up everyday, the day they see you with out any, they freak out saying you look weird or different. I say relax by knowing that your make up isn’t messed up, because you’re no wearing any (: If you just MUST, only wear it for special occasions like a party or family dinner. You’ll feel a lot better when you get used to your natural beauty (;

Answer #3

First of all may I ask you why you feel it is so important at age 13 to be wearing make up in the first place?! You are 13 years old…beautiful inside & out as is… All you need to be worried about is school…and perhaps chapped lips…or moisturizer for your skin! (kids these days, ruining their complexion way before necessary because the other kids do it!)

If you feel you have got to wear something, because everyone else is…there is always clear lip gloss you can get so it doesnt look like you are wearing any make up and your parents wont be mad about it. There is also clear mascara! I used to do that when I was 15…I didnt like heavy make up so I just wore black eyeliner on the water line & clear lip gloss..(but that was at age 15…NOT 13!!)

As for poof under the eyes, you can always try keeping a silver spoon in the freezer over night & in the morning just keep it on for 20 mins b4 u leave the house & that should help reduce the swelling(no need for make up!)

hope this helps.

Answer #4

I’m sorry, but Nikki, no one NEEDS makeup. To say that some “shouldn’t go with out a little cover-up” is extremely shallow. I understand you are young and all that, but make-up is not a “necessity” in life. Now, booty, you are a beautiful girl. You dont need to wear cover-up, or make-up at all for that matter. Cover-up is TERRIBLE on your skin, I don’t care if it says “sensitive skin” or “acne clearing” or whatever. They all clog your pores. Even the ones that say they don’t, do. I used to use all sorts of cover-up. I tried just about every brand I could find. I never had an acne problem until I started to use cover-up, which was when I was about 16. As I got older I realized I didn’t get a break-out unless I wore cover-up. So I switched the brand and tested it again. Same thing. Each I tried claimed to be “non pore clogging” “clean” “sensitive” they all gave me breakouts. My skin is not sensitive, or dry, or oily, it’s just…well..”normal” I guess. Anyway, I saw the Bare Minerals thing and tried that, I loved that. At first. After I used that for about a week, I got the worst breakout ever. I stopped using it and gave up. About a month or so after I stopped using any cover-up my skin was perfectly clear. No acne no redness, nothing. In short, you do not NEED to wear make-up. As you get older you will find a lot of guys look for the natural girls, the ones who don’t wear make-up. They don’t like all that stuff, in fact, most of the guys I know think that all that make-up looks “trashy” and they don’t give those girls a second look. Rock it how you got it girl!

Answer #5

Good for you! Make-up is nasty for your skin. Wearing some for special occasions is perfect!! And really, I think girls/women look way better without it. The ONLY thing I ever use is mascara, that’s all. (unless it’s like a wedding or something, then I will use eyeshadow, but that’s all) Keep it up!

Answer #6

Thanx i understand now,i just wonna look good u kno wat i mean ;)

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sweetie, u are not 90…lol(wow this is happening a lot!) U do look good…as is…and those that cant appreciate ur natural beauty…aint worth ur time!

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You are very welcome!

Answer #12

Welcome (: It actually feels a lot better not having to worry about all that make up. Save it for when we get old :D

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