How can a 16 year old look 19

I have this friend who is 16 and she wants to look like an 19 year old. When I asked her why she didn’t tell me and ignored the question telling me to ask that question.

So, How can a 16 year old who is turning 17 in November look like a 19 year old?

Answer #1

make-up, hair and clothes. Dont act giggly and childish xx

Answer #2

Clothes that 19 year olds wear can help. And make up can go magicle things. =)

Answer #3

her posture can help to. and the way she presents herself as she walks, eats, drinks, laughs etc.

Answer #4

Act maturely, and dress for the part, as well.

Answer #5

It doesn’t matter about looking 19. Depending on why she wants to look 19 she’d probably need an ID.

Answer #6

make up can make a lotta difference… :-)

Answer #7

definitely the make up, im around that age and I can pass as 19 its all on the makeup usually.

Answer #8

make up & clothes meaning dont wear a hannah montana shirt but you should ask why she wants to might be for a ID or a older guy??

Answer #9

dont weather its to get into a club, so you can prentend to be her partner, ect dont bother ask her to tell you why and if she doesnt answer, say no

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