Should a 13 year old get a belly button piercing?

Answer #1

I have wanted one for a very long time. I have done my research, and I am prepared to find out as much as I can about the studio and the cleanliness there. I really think I am ready but i’m not sure if im old enough to make this decision. I don’t know if I will still like it in the future and that worries me. PLEASE HELP!

Answer #2

I don’t think so. Personally, I don’t find it appropriate for a thirteen year old girl to get a belly button piercing. Mostly because those are generally the girls who think they are older than they really are.

Answer #3

maybe they should wait till they are at least 16

Answer #4

BTW- lol i’m new at funadvice so i just found out you can add content under the question.. oops :P

Answer #5

If you don’t like it in the future you can take it out… It’s just a belly button piercing.

Answer #6

Thanks. Yeah, I’ve been thinking about whether or not I should get one now or wait a little. I think I’ll get one at 15.

Answer #7

I know. But I don’t know how much it will scar…

Answer #8

I know. But I don’t know how much it will scar…

Answer #9

Good idea. Wait a little while and think about it some more.

Answer #10

Mhmm. Hey, my name is Cassie too!

Answer #11

Good name. I approve.

Answer #12

lol. Dittto!

Answer #13

Piercings are not permanant they can be temorary and can be taken out, if my 13 year old asked me for a piercing i would allow them on certain conditions, they keep their grades up or prove they are responsible by either earning the money themselves doing chores or helping around the house.

Answer #14

I am pretty responsible, I take care of my sister, I take all honors classes, etc. I’m still thinking about whether to wiat or not. Hmmm, thanks for answering though!

Answer #15

i think that it is fine, its not a percing that is there in your face, it dosnt look trashy persenally i think go for it. But people do have alot of different views on percings, but then if my 13 asked me i would maybe see if they would wait a bit, but if it is something they really wanted it would deffentaly have to be agreed apon with sertain expectations in getting the peircing eg, good grades no bad behaver..

Answer #16

Dang, I wish my mom was more like you. My mom wont even ALLOW it no matter what I do =P You’re thirteen year old is very lucky :) You should tell I said so XD

Answer #17

I say that if you have doubt, you should definately just wait. Just wait until your absolutely sure, and your need outweighs possible regrets :D Plus, unless you have your parents permission, you kindof need them to sign a release form until your 18 =P Hope you make the best choice for you! :D

Answer #18

Honestly, i always wanted one too !(: .. But i think we’re both still young & need our parents to sign some paper? .. Well, all i gotta say is, if you want it, & it makes you happy, go for it, but make sure YOU’RE HAPPY .

Answer #19

NO you can always just wait til you are forsure about this and then get it :)

Answer #20

No that’s reallyyy not a good idea. My friend did it and it turned out bad cuz she didn’t tell her parents so she didn’t get the right care for it :/

Answer #21

you can get a piercing wherever you want and whenever you want, for example my girlfriend is 14 and she already has two piercing on her ears, belly-button, tounge and nose, so its all good

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