What does ripe pumpkin in a dream mean?

Answer #1

Are you for serious? My guess is it was a ripe friggen pumpkin.

Answer #2

You can check 10 different resources and get pretty much 10 different answers ranging from an open personality to sexual tension (which is translated into almost every dream). In a nutshell, don’t give too much creed to your dreams … some of us simply have overactive imaginations.

Answer #3

warmth … healthlth … happieness

Answer #4

Have you ever felt or been threatened by an unripe pumpkin….?

Answer #5

I should know about my imagination

Answer #6

^ This!

Answer #7

maybe you felt like eating pumpkin. Or you saw some during the day, your dreams are a recollection of what happened to you so a lot of time you will see things in your dreams that you did during the day or sometime close to the day. Its basically your subconscious at work and you subconscious notices things that you don’t.

Answer #8

You could’ve seen or heard of a pumpkin in reality and deep in your mind, you thought of it. It doesn’t have to mean something it could just be something in your reality that has stuck in your mind without you knowing it and then you had a dream about it. Dreams are extremely weird so just ignore it.

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