Dream or nightmare... it means?

what do you know about dreams? like say you dreamt of a snake, cemetery, casket (moving or not), strangers (talking or not), mirrors, corpse, dead person (but still alive in reality), travelling at places you havent been to, chasing men wanting to kill you with their guns, me being dead? what are those things for? I am soo frightened, and can't get over with it.. :'(

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I think thse dreams are just your fears playing on your mind in your sleep. you probaably either try to shut thsse fears down during the day or dwell on them a lot so during the night your mind starts dewlling on them. I use to have a poroblem with this but I got over it. funmail me if you need help. :)

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I believe there are three different kinds of ways to interpret dreams;

1) Mystics and certain religions believe that everyone has some sort of phrophetic ability (dreams), in which certain things that you dream about are meant as symbols or methaphores representing things that will occurr in the near or far future

Snake: represents sin and/or deception
Firearms: represent an injustice towards you
etc...there are hundreds of things which have symbolic meaning according to these mystics

2) Sigmund Freud believed that dreams are wish-fulfillments, and that those wishes are the result of repressed memories...etc, etc

3) Dreams are created by the brain by withdrawing visual memories stored there; which can appear scrambled and mixed together

Google it up or read a book about it; it's very interesting.

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