Have you received many Christmas cards this year?

Post them for us to see!

Answer #1

We only got one this year instead of the usual 30. My father also only got 4 instead of about 80 or 90. A lot of poeple have been saying no one is sending or getting them this year.

Answer #2

Haven’t gotten any yet

Answer #3

iv only got bout 7ish but i got the first card of the house and thats good enuph for me :)

Answer #4

I’ve gotten two, through the mails. Each year seems less. However, I have gotten Christmas e mails and cards in my inbox. I think with the costs of everything, the internet is the cheaper route many are taking.

Answer #5

oh my gosh, no! Is everyone like quiting? haha. Is everyone just getting lazy? Right now i only have 6!

Answer #6

I Got Three Actual Cards, And Four Online

Answer #7

Not really, just from my mother and my aunt. I think this is because I am shockingly lazy and forgetful when it comes to sending cards. The only card I gave was to my supervisor. Though this is partly because while I was in the mall attempting to buy cards there was a big earthquake and we were all evaculated.

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