Christmas Basket Ideas?

I am putting a basket together for my boyfriends family this christmas. Im not sure what to put in it. So far I have got a christmas tin and plan in baking some cookies. He has his mom, dad, 13 year old sister and 17 year old brother. What else would be good to put in the basket?

Answer #1

Cocoa mix and cookie mixes are great. Just as crzfan indicated. I make candles so you could make it something with candles and maybe a relaxing or Christmas CD as well. I love peanut brittle so I made some and put that in some tins for my gifts as well. Chocolates are wonderful.

Answer #2

put in some jam or jellies, um maybe some hot coco mix pasta … cookie mix or some kind of desert that wont go bad… but thats what we do for our baskets

Answer #3

nuts, dried fruit, for something different, mugs with christmas motives on them,good quality c/mas serviettes.

Answer #4

little things like cakes and stuff like that :)

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