Answer #1

my education and the opportunity i have to become smart…. i just am so lazy and dont care… so defiantly that lol

Answer #2

I honestly don’t take anything for granted, I am gratefull for everyday that I am alive. Like the first person said, I used to take my education for granted , skip school at least 2 times a week and it kept getting worse, I would miss weeks at a time, giving up on pretty much everything school related, until I realized how stupid I was for doing that and now I am trying to get into a boarding school and get my grades back up. It’s hard not to take things for granted when pretty much everything is at your disposal, I use to have a poor family till my parents moved and got better jobs, now I get almost anything I ask for and sometimes even things I don’t ask for, yet I would have still been happy if I didn’t get all that stuff. What I am trying to get at though is that even with everything that I have I would still be a happy person who loves life without it , cause I have been there before when my parents were going though hard times. So to anyone else who takes things for granted try to imagin living without all those things, then maybe you can see that all those material things don’t matter as long as you got friends and family who love you.

Answer #3

Everything. It’s only nights like tonight when I realize that everything could be taken away from me in an instant….

Answer #4

That my life is pretty good right now and that I have a job that pays me well.

Answer #5

You are so smart and give inspiring answers. Points for you. :)

Answer #6

thank you (:

Answer #7

I used to take a lot for granted, then i went through survival camp where we were basically taught how to build houses,fire, and traps out of sticks. After being on the side of a mountain for weeks living off rabbits and lycan i came home and was like wow people take the simpliest things for granted. Toilet paper for instance we never think twice about it but it’s amazing same with carpet. Now i dont take anything for granted cause i know what it’s like to have nothing.

Answer #8

Both my parents and step-parents and my nans and pops, whenever I am too tired to cook or can’t be stuff doing things, I head over to their place and they seem to take care of me and do not mind my princess attitude and tantrums if I’m grumpy like a bear with a sore head…….love them to bits. :)

Answer #9

I used to take my education for granted. I went to a private school and hated it. Now I see that I had an amazingly sheltered environment. I think I also take my family for granted. I only have my mum and my sister, but they are the most amazing people in the world and I’m so, so lucky to have them. Sometimes I wish I had more family then I feel bad because I know so many people with big families but they don’t get along. Everyday I look at the sky and I know I am so lucky. I feel bad when I want something materialistic. Like why the hell should I get this when there are people that need food somewhere in the world.


- I think every single person on this site takes something for granted. We all have a computer with internet so why are we complaining?

Answer #10

Health……it’s the one thing that if it goes….so do I….

Answer #11

bravo, very well said

Answer #12

I use to take my friends for granted. Though I wasn’t one who grew up with many friends, if any true ones at all at some points. I grew up the out cast, blacksheep, and it wasn’t until highschool I had true friends. I guess I just didn’t know what to think. Perhaps that they were just some other person that would come and go in my life, until I was proven wrong. I was touched I guess you can say and started to realize those who really cared for me and I try my best not to take them for granted. Or even a beloved until I realized how much he loved me and that it was genuine. I also use to take my education for granted, until the school f*cked me over, but everything is going better now. “EVeryday things” I guess, such as music, internet(not so much as I use to before I went over to stay with a friend in which I couldn’t access it much if at all x_X). I guess as humans we really don’t think about the things we use daily.

Answer #13

Awww! ):

Answer #14

Waking up in a free society where I have freedom of religion, Free Speech, The opportunities to better educate myself, and work as hard as I want to achieve a quality life. I can do it all here in America. It is still the land of opportunity. I can start a small business tomorrow and with the right Idea be an instant millionaire, next month!!! Ican join a church or other non proffit Organization and help others who are not so fortunate. I take this for granted. We Americans do not understand how good we have it because we are born into this.

Answer #15

If you realise you are then you’re not really taking it for granted.

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