What would you think if you saw me watching a WWII show?

Ok, so I was at the gym and there really wasn’t anything on and I saw one guy watching Band of Brothers. I really love that show so I watched it. A lot of people gave me weird looks lol, and one older man nodded his head at me. I was thinking that people would think I was trying to impress peoplebut I wasn’t. I didn’t care after a while lol and just finished watching it. haha So be honest, what would you think? Thanks =)

Answer #1

So you were at the gym working on your movie watching skills I hope you were doing exercises if not then maybe they were thinking how lazy that girl is. If I saw you I wouldn’t really care I’ll probably just look at you and then watch the movie. That’s a good movie.

Answer #2

haha the machines have little tv’s lol…And I was actually working out lol

Answer #3

What would I think? I wouldn’t care.

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