10 pound in a month???

how can I loose 10 pounds in a month???

Answer #1

well I gained 7 pounds in muscle doing 8 minutes abs for 2 weeks but I lost that when I went to the states, I do running once a week now and I am stressed from school and I cut my calories by 500 calories, I lost 7 pounds in a week

Answer #2

go to isagenix.com then email me

Answer #3

Just cut out all alcohol, junk & fried foods, beef, and pork. Eat seafood, turkey, chicken, celery & carrot sticks, boiled eggs, salad w/ no meat and fat-free dressing, fresh fruits. Drink only skim milk, smoothies, plenty of water, v-8, v-fusion, and other health juices. Walk 3 miles a day, it will only take you 1 hr. This will help you. I did it for 3 months and lost 27 lbs.

Answer #4

tape worms dont really make you lose weight, they do, but it takes more then a month to lose 10 pounds with a tape worm. just eat right, exercise, and don’t be stressed out.

Answer #5

Eat tape worm larva ;)

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