Does anyone think that Zac Efron has gay potential?

Does anyone think that Zac Efron has gay potential? He is fricking adorable but all my friends thinks he does..anyone have a opinion?

Answer #1

yeahh. he seems a little fruity..I read in a magainze, that once, he went somewhere, and this guy seen him, zac was wearing eye shadow, tons of lip gloss, and some other stuff…sorry, I’ve neever really liked him before. haha

Answer #2

I love zac efron and I dont think I can find gay potential in him well other than the fact that he is very concerned about his body lol I still think he is the hottest thing alive

Answer #3

Yes he does. LOL!!

Answer #4

he diffenitly seems a little fruity to me if ya know what I mean

Answer #5

I don’t know I use to love him!!! omg but I like the jones brothers know…srry if I dident help

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