Who do you thinks better Zac efron,Taylor Lautner or?

Who do you thinks better Zac efron,Taylor Lautner, Robert patterson , who and why ? I personally think zac efron Better cause he’s tottaly hot! Haha.And I love him,

Answer #1

Taylor Lautner way better then that fagget zac like really…Taylor Lautner FTW!!!

Answer #2

ewww…are you people crazy edward hes ugly as hell man…taylor is hot!!!…and speaking of man edward isnt even as manly as taylor team taylor rules…and sac effron is really cute too especially with black hair

Answer #3

ROBERT LOOKS LIKE A PEICE OF SHIT! ew.. actually he has greasy hair and he is sooo socially awkward! definetely taylor or zac! im in love with both! zac has a hotter face but taylor has a hotter bod!

Answer #4

Robert :) but only because I read his interview in a magazine and he’s just the right one for me! and he’s gorgeous! but taylor is also very cute in new moon ;) but zac efron doesn’t do it for me sorryyy :)x

Answer #5

I really liked Edward, but after seeing new moon,.. JAKE! hes really hot, and cute. and Zac?ph…please. no chance, [;pp] hes like 1950’s people! Twilight. now that counts in the 21st century!

Answer #6

real men don’t sparkle, so I like jacob.. and he’s tan, I like tan (: o and perfect teeth, his teeth are amazing.. and he’s just a year older than me! wooh, I might have a chance. I’m actually kidding, I don’t want to date some pretty boy, but he is a fine peice of man lol

Answer #7

robert patterson and taylor launter :D :D go team jakeward :P

Answer #8

team edward!that being said talor is cuter but TEAM EDWARD!!!

Answer #9

I go with Taylor I mean hes super cute:)

Answer #10


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