Your average childcare costs?

I am looking into daycare costs in my area. They seem kind of high. What do you pay on average or did you pay on average for 1 child? I am looking approximate cost for the first year or so if I were to work full time and have the child in care for an average of 40 hours a week?

Answer #1

Average out of home childcare is $100 per week. Daycares that I checked out had different prices depending on the developemental stages of the child. Newborns up through crawling age were around $212 a week. Then when the child starts walking and can use a sippy cup instead of a bottle, he would switch to another class and the price would drop to $180.

Answer #2

Well I don’t have my son in child care cause I stay at home with him, but a good friend of mine does daycare out of her house and she charges $80.00 per child a week and $150.00 a week for two kids. Everywhere is diffirent so it could be diffirent where you live :)

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