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can a girl at the age of 13 have a normal child or have a child at all?

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the baby would probably have birth defects or die at birth and it can also hurt the mother or cause death sometimes, it not a good thing to have a child at 13. hope your not the pregnant one that wud suck

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Yes, if she has started ovulated (which can sometimes happen even a bit before her period) or when she has her period, she can fall pregnant, but the chances of her carrying through with the pregnancy will be low because of her age and the chances of birth defects in the child will also be high.

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isolation from the world is weird but yes. I dont know why that would be something to think about. they can have a normal child like every lady. but yes chances for something wrong to happen is higher since your body or the persons body isnt fully mature.

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If the girl gets her period and has unprotected sex then yes she can get pregnant and another thing she can get from having unprotected sex is STDs and STIs . Before you have sex I hope you sex sexualy educated.
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Demika Ray

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I sugest you not get pregnant but it was a 4 yr old pregnant before she had an early period and got rapped so she was pregnant it was so sad any girl who has a period can get pregnant

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Yes, my sister-in-law had a healthy baby boy when she was 12.

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no 13year old should be haven sex at that age let alone a baby

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Yea and I THINK a girl can get pregnant before her period..

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yes but only if you have a a period

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any girl who has had their period can have a child

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if she has her period then yes.

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