How much can young celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens,Emma Watson,Miley Cyrus,and Taylor Swift can actually bench press?

I heard some female celebs are actually quite strong.

Answer #1

I don’t think any of us here will have the first damn clue! very bizarre question though.

Answer #2

4 beanie babies.

Answer #3

oh come on now your giving them too much there its probably around 1 mayb 2 beanie babies haha

Answer #4

How do you expect us to know that? We really don’t know. Ask them…

Answer #5

Hey, it was an estimate. :)

Answer #6

they couldnt bench themselves… would be good to watch them try though

Answer #7

Good question. Do they even know what a Bench Press is though? Lol.

Answer #8

i don’t really understand the question but i think miley . Taylor Vanessa and more young stars just stay strong and they keep their head up because noting can bring them down only them self’s and their family . press only care about the money and there big fat rumors that they spread around like a freaking birds lol

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