Would you do if a gingerbread man could actually 'run?

What would you do if a gingerbread man could actually ‘run run as fast it can’ and talked?

Answer #1

lmao!!! I would tell him that I have a ms. cupcake for him to meet… and I would RUN after him!!!

then be his best friend for forever and ever..

-the end.

Answer #2

ill eat his yummy legs and talk cr*p about him lol

Answer #3

lol id b his friend!:)…until I got hungry…

Answer #4

I would run with him!! lol if I could run as fast!

Answer #5

I’d feel sorry for mr. gingerbread man, because he would now be in a lab somewhere being experimented on!

Answer #6

runrunrun after him and eat it, the gingerbread man that is.

Answer #7

.o shoot him.

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