Who would win between Iron man or The incredible hulk?

Who would win in a fight, Iron man or The incredible hulk?

Answer #1

normally hulk cause his rage is so strong he wont stop till his enemy is defeated but thats why iron man created hulkbuster armor…to take him on and it was a more even match

Answer #2

IRON MAN. you know, like that song “I am iron man.. dunnadunnadunna vote for me!”

Answer #3

he cant turn back untill he isnt mad, and that wouldnt happen

Answer #4

hulkster duh

Answer #5

I’d have to say the hulk. I searched it and saw a comic and the hulk was owning iron man.

Answer #6

Iron Man I lovee that dudeee ^ XD

Answer #7

Iron Man would own him, What happened if the HULK turned back… haha

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