Why did the new York transit agency approve a new ad showing the burning towers right next to a ground zero mosque?

Apparently, the guys behind it sued - and won. Now I’m all for tolerance…but, did anybody sue to put some swasticas on the gounds of the Kansas City Bombing? OR…am I somehow being a bigot by saying that if Muslim extremists blow something up, you shouldn’t erect a monument to that belief system in it’s place.

Answer #1

i dont know why they would that… they must have lost their minds :O

its reminding me of the pakistani family that made a complaint to the council about a white family having xmas lights on their house. their complaint was was that it offended their religion. anyway this white family was ordered to take them down as to not offend the muslim community.

i have a feeling jeremy that if we complain about this we will be classed as racists… might be why is was able to be built..

1000s of people died when the afghanistans plowed them planes into the towers but hey lets honour their deaths by allowing the religion that caused it to have a good old pray right where they died.

i dont agree with that

Answer #2

The court only had the law to consider. There is nothing unlawful about the advertisement. Just like there is nothing unlawful about having a mosque at that sight.

Doesn’t mean I agree with it. That’s why we have the right to protest.

Answer #3

Sigh. It’s Afghanis. There is no such thing as an afghanistans. There were no Afghanis on the planes that hit the twin towers. Fifteen of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, two from the United Arab Emirates, one from Egypt, and one from Lebanon. I know it’s like really difficult to care about the facts. But maybe watching something other than Fox would help.

Answer #4

This appears to be a lot of cointelpro. The country is in the shitcan. Both parties… if we wish to separate them categorically… have god-awful approval ratings. Incumbents are in jeopardy of losing their seats across the board. There are plenty of legitimate complaints that should have Americans of all stripes uniting to counter… and while the establishment media has been forced to cover this real uproar or face losing all credibility… they would much rather change the topic and foment some dissonance while they’re at it.

The ground zero mosque… the white guy or guys going around slashing black people’s throats… the Arizona immigration law… by focusing our attention on these stories and largely ignoring or occluding topics detrimental to establishment politicians… major media is attempting a sleight of hand on par with soviet Pravda.

The ground zero mosque may be more cointelpro… it isn’t without precedent… I think we should take a much deeper look into the associates of those proposing the idea.

Answer #5

America is democratic so the population has right to free expression,here in France which is republican you have rights but not as many as democratic countries.Example in France, ads have to pass an inspection to see if there’s nothing offensif to anyone.In America this isn’t the case and thousands of offensif ads have been releashed in public.On furniture ad featured a rug in the shape of Iraq with soldiers and fake blood stains representing dead civilians,this caused outrage amongst Iraqis(i have iraqi origins) and the ad and product had to be destroyed.

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