What does "yolo" stand for?

I keep seeing it on Facebook and twitter

Answer #1

you only live once.(:

Answer #2

“You Only Live Once” They only use it cuz Drake used it in a song.

Like no der, you just firgured out that you only live once? Df.?

Answer #3

Yolo - You Only Live Once. People are only saying it because Drake said it in “The Motto” and now you have kids using it as an excuse to do the stupidest things.

Answer #4

“You Obviously Love Oreos” loljk :) as the others have said yolo stands for “you only live once”…. everyone is saying it because it is lyrics to “The Motto”. Unfortunately, people are acting like this is a big, new, exciting discovery and using the quote as an excuse to do whatever they want. Or they use it as an affirmation that stupid behavior’s have no real consequences. (this is actually a real example I saw someone in my town post: “it doesn’t even matter if I get wasted every weekend, yolo! so get the f^ck off my case”)

Answer #5

YOLO- You Only Live Once

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