What does 'imao' stand for??

Haha, I know its commonly used, but I cant figure out what lmao stands for

Answer #1

it is imao and it stands for in my arogent opinion!

GOD! stupid people!!

Answer #2

“m laughing my a*ss off” right now for what systembreakr said

Answer #3

or if she means imao, it could mean “itching my a*s off” LOL

Answer #4

lol… it’s not imao, it’s LMAO. Laughing my A*s Off

Answer #5

it stands for ummm.. I don’t know… I dont no!!

Answer #6

I My Arrogant Opinion. I usually just say IMO, I don’t see how my opinion is arrogant.

Answer #7

I think the expression you’re looking for is “LMAO”, not “IMAO” … it stands for “laughing my a$$ off”.

Answer #8

LMAO stands for “laugh my ass off”

IMAO stands for “in my arrogant opinion”

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