Does anyone know of any yoga moves or websites I can go on to get some?

I was looking for some yoga techniques so it’d be great if there is a “how to” website yew know of or if yew can explain some on the “answers”.??

Answer #1

[link removed] :))

My favorite are the forward bends, it’s simple, but VERY useful. Basic yoga poses: removed]/poses/finder/browse_categories?gclid=COOkv5P-xqQCFUmA5QodIhUIjA

Answer #2

My bad wrong link: [link removed]

Answer #3

Crap why won’t it show it? Just go to the yogajournal . com (maybe that will work) and find the basic poses.

Answer #4


Answer #5

@goldfishcolors #19 explains link posting:

Answer #6

Ahh i’m kind of slow about this stuff.

Answer #7

I’m really excited about the toga but I hurt my ankle last week and probly broke it so I cant do any of them yet.

Answer #8

Ahh. I’m sorry. I hope you heal soon :)

Answer #9

yoga sites can find there yoga and meditetion than yoga and poses

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