yo momma jokes?

your best yo momma jokes?

Answer #1

Yo mommas so fat,the last time she saw 90210 is on the scale. Ha gets me everytime!! :)

Answer #2

Yo mammas so fat she gatta use a materss 4 a tampon!!

Answer #3

Yo mommas like Circle K: she’s on every corner. Stupid, I know.

Answer #4

yo mama so dumb she drowned a fish and buried a worm

Answer #5

yo mamma is so stupid, she took a spoon to the super bowl okay, so it may be lame but the people above took all the rest of mine.

Answer #6

I dont mean anything I say hear and ia not racist iam just saying it for fun ok my frnd told me this your mamma is soo black when she goes out at night they call her eyes and smiles

Answer #7

Ohh I have another !

Yo momma so stupid, she saw a school bus and said ‘’Come back twinky!!’’


Answer #8

Yo Momma So Fat She Can’t Even Use Toilet Paper she Has To Use The Swifer.


Answer #9

yo mama so fat whene she lay on the beach people run around yelling free willy,yo mama so getto whene she breast feeds koolaid comes out,yo mama’s butt is so hairy don king pops out and says only in america. I know a bunch more but don’t want to type them all

Answer #10

The one above is hilarious,heres one:

Yo momma is so ugly when she went to see a burning house,the fire put itself out because it was horrified.

Answer #11

Yo mommy so skinny she choked on a piece of rice!

^^Its not that funny but its the best I can think of lolzx…I’m not that intersted in ‘’Yo Momma’’ jokes=P

Answer #12

Yo momma is so fat when she dresses in yellow, people yell taxi! Yo momma is so fat, she jumped in the air and got stuck

Those are just 2 I know, I got more though lol

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