Is it best to say yes most of the time?

Is it best to say yes most of the time and not bother to try anything ?

Is it best to say no most of the time and try everything and fail?

Is it best to say yes to everything and believe in yourself and hope you get it right?

Or is it best to curl up in a ball and die?

Answer #1

sometimes curl in a ball and die, but the best is #3!!! although I’m being such a hypocrite at the moment! I’m SUPER lazy, like I haven’t done my homework yet, oh shitt, got to go!!! “)

Answer #2

It depends… Sometimes I want to curl up in a ball and die… but I guess #3 is the best… =)

Answer #3

It all depends when you have to say yes or no. Sometimes its best to say yes if you want to try something. Or, if you don’t want to try certain things or whatever, then at certain points it’d be best to say no. I wouldn’t curl in a ball and die since that wouldn’t be the best thing. It doesn’t hurt to at least try new things.

Answer #4

Well I’m super lazy so I’m probably the first one.

But I’d go with #3. Haha.

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