Avoided giving him an answer.

well last night my boyfriend asked me if I masturbated… I kind of handled the situation avoiding giving him an answer… I think he assumes I dont. But I do. And I want to tell him… ijust dont know if thats what he wants to hear or not. and I dont know how to tell him now that, that convorsation is over with.. for now. Any ideas? (dont judge)

Answer #1

you shoul sit him down alone and say “remember that time when you asked if I masturbated? well I do” and then tell him why you was afraid to tell him you masturbate. then ask why he wanted to know

Answer #2

kay but how do I tell him?!

Answer #3

he masturbates to, trust me.

tell him, its probably what he wanted to hear anyway, I mean he did ask

Answer #4

Hes your boyfriend, tell him. Be truthful. Every girl at one point masturbates so theres no shame.

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