What is the average age for a girl to get her period?

What is the average age for a girl to get her period and if you cant answer that what age did you get yours??? Please help thx :)

Answer #1

It varies. Girls get it at different ages. Some start getting it like at 11, 12, 13, and 14. And they can get it earlier or later than that. But I’d say the average age is 12.

Answer #2

well theres no real age when your supposed 2 get your period but most girls get it between 11-13, around the time they start getting more hair in different places and their boobs start growing. I got it when I was 12, 7th grade, a couple months before my 13th bday. So yeah I’d say a 12 is average, but I know a girl who got it when she was 9 and another girl who got it when she was 16. but dont worry you are not missing out on anything. getting your period is gross and uncomfortable and annoying especially in the shower. you will hate it by your third or fourth month believe me

Answer #3

I’m not sure about the average its probably like 12 or 13. I got mine when I was 13.

Answer #4

what age should I get mine the other day I had blood in my pants I dont know if it is a period I had it for two days im only 10 is it ok.

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