I care for people to much

I care for people to much.. why does it seem like people take advantage of that? and why does it make it easier for them to pull away from me? does it make me a bad person? am I just not worth careing back for?

Answer #1

well… no its not that your not worth caring back for, its just you probably need to open up, you need to tell them how YOU feel and YOUR opinion,

that use to happen to me a lot to the piont it got soo bad I began cutting myself, b/c I thawt nobody cared, and all I did was good for them.

they probably feel that its easyer to pull away from you b/c they sorta look at you like a suck up, or sombody that wants to fit in.

and thats probably NOT true so, im not saying not to care im just saying be, more mellow,

and the reason they probably take advantage of that is b/c they see you as a softy, gain your respect dont take ny crap from anybody, just for a while so they see that your NOT a spine-less person and you do have back bone.

so if you get anything from this just tell them how you feel about the situation at least OKAY?,… so, hun take care of yourself, k?

Answer #2

My answer would be about the same as that other question, but I have something to add. If they leave you, that doesn’t mean anything against you, it means they aren’t worth your time because they didn’t stick around to get to know the real you, and it’s their loss. You can’t keep every friend you have, but the ones that stick through everything with you are the ones that really care about you and are actually worth your time and your effort. I hope I helped. =)

Answer #3

its ok… at least you understand.

Answer #4

Duuude, I know exactly what you mean.. I don’t know the answers though ):

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