Why should I care what other people think?

Why do we care so much what other people think? Isn’t it our decision how we live and how we dress and act? And why do people care about how we do these things if it shouldn’t matter to them? Why do we care about whats cool???

Answer #1

It is naturally in our nature to have the desire to be accepted - in seeking that we’ve got to do that in a positive, not negative manner - Faith is a very important factor in keeping ourselves grounded, humble, and thankful for all our blessings…Take care !!

Answer #2

Yeh agree with u! and most people only care what other people think and care about because they want all the cool clothes and be with the cools. Things like that! Now I really don’t care what other people think bout me! I live my life the way I want to live it!

Answer #3

thats just it. we shouldnt care!

just have fun in life and make good friends that love you for who you are. thats all that should matter.

really, people dont care about if you are cool or not, they just care about themselves and trying to make themselves fit in.

its pointless to me.

Answer #4

thats just the way people are. its only natural for humans to try to fit in. its like survival of the fittest && the only way to fit in is to get others to like us for our appearance and what we do && crap. a lot of people are like this but its always good to be different and not care what other people think and say. I adore people that are like that.

Answer #5

“be who you are and say wut you feel - and the people who mind dunt matter and thoes who matter dunt mind” that has gotta be one of my most cherised quotes!! Be your own individual, and don’t let anybody hold you down =)

Answer #6

I’ve always said to people that in order for others to see the beauty in them, they have to see the beauty in themselves. People care so much because its a cruel world out there and everyone always wants to be perfect. Sometimes people get picked on for things they do/wear and they want to change just to make others happy. I personally think everyone should just be themselves, but that will never happen. There are a lot of fakes in this world because they feel the need to satisfy everyone.

Answer #7

What frustrates me the most is that I don’t WANT to care, but I DO!!! It’s killing me!

Answer #8

Yesss! Power to the people!

Answer #9

Yesss! Power to the people!

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