wtf iz a douche???

what iz that???

Answer #1

to call someone a “douche” means to call them dumb. but what the first 3 people have reffered to is a “vaginal douche”, which as popcornface09 has said cleans out a femal’s vagina after her period or just to wash away discharge! - but it’s really unhealty, because the vagina is naturaly created to clean itself out!

Answer #2

its something that women use to clean in them you stick it in you and squeeze and it cleans you on the inside..most women use it after their period..although I have heard that your not suposed ta use them if your still a virgin..

Answer #3

Uhm it’s also used as an insult…

Answer #4

yeah some people call other people douche bags which kinda doesnt make sense

Answer #5

something women clean their veejaj jay with lol

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