What is wrong with today's society?

Answer #1

You’d better ask what is NOT wrong. That will make the list shorter.

Answer #2

Is this an actual question or a general rant? It’s better to add more detail - not less - when asking a question so people know what it is you’re looking for.

Answer #3

Society does not value intelligence as mankind’s highest end. Society values petty things like beauty, how many people you’ve slept with, how much you can drink, who throws the best parties, who has the most friends, who spends the most money, who has the nicest rims, and other things that are completely worthless. There is not a single case of society tearing down someone without this as the flaw.

I go to a party and don’t drink because I have work in the morning. What is yelled at me? “P**SY!!!! Come on! Drink! You loser!”. Works with weed too (although I won’t have it again even if I didn’t have work).

Do you have to study for a test? “Loser! Come on!”

Do you like a girl/boy? “(S)he’s a loser! And fugly as can be! Why would you even consider dating that?” OR “(S)he’s too good for you. Just break up with him/her, its going to end anyway. You’re too ugly for them.”

Society sucks because it refuses to use its brain. Work and study should always be prioritized over parties. And why do two people date? They like each other! What else is there to it?

Answer #4

Rather open ended question. If I had to choose one thing I would say extremism. Extremists not only believe what they believe but also expect everyone else to follow their rules since they see their worldview as 100% correct and good and everyone else’s as 100% wrong and evil.

Answer #5

Loss of moral values and self respect. I could go on all day.

Answer #6


Answer #7

I think some are getting the idea of my question…Thanks anyways.

Answer #8

I assume you mean American society. Next time be more specific. There is plenty wrong, there is also a bunch of positive things happening all around you. My suggestion would be to also recognize the positive as well. If you woke up in America this morning, you have a ninety five percent chance of eating three meals a day, a roof over your head, health care, water, and are fairly free to worship whatever God you may choose. That is more than probably half of the rest of the world can say. You kids today just want to sit around and b!tch about everything. Instead of complaining, go out and be a part of the solution’s to what you are complaining about. Anger is not a remedy for our social ills. Love is the answer. Everything good comes from love.

Answer #9

Of course American…Society as a whole..not just on one thing…

Answer #10

So you must hate mathematicians. They are the most extremist of them all. I say 2+2=fish, and they just keep telling me they are the only ones that are correct. Isn’t what I say true too? I mean, truth is relative, so it should be.

Or possibly truth is relative, and there are absolutes, including in ethics.

Nahhhh, that’s too ridiculous. 2+2=fish. I say so.

Answer #11

So TRUE!!!!

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