Is there something wrong with my hormones.?

Well, ive suddenly starting getting spots on my forehead, ive seemed to lost weight, my blonde facial hairs are becoming darker, my period is becoming heavier.. Has this got to do with my hormones.? What do i do seriously.?

Answer #1

Yes, Ha kidding. (:

Answer #2

It sounds like it could be hormones. Doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary to be honest, I wouldn’t fret. If you are really concerned though, consider seeing a doctor for medication to help with some of the symptoms.

Answer #3

Can you at least try to be useful?

Answer #4

I agree. :) Good answer.

Answer #5

You cant get mad at them for posting a comment, that isnt “useful”

Answer #6

I’m not mad, persay. However, it is against site rules for an obvious reason. Things like this, and, “Idk lolz.” aren’t what people are looking for.

Answer #7

Well they didnt technically say “idk” if u read there comment its saying “no theres nothing wrong”…

Answer #8

No, it’s saying ‘yes ha kidding’ in other words..nobody should take her answers seriously… so yeah, it’s kind of annoying when people waste their time giving answers that are completely useless..

Answer #9

well personally i would rather have more than one answer, no matter the answer. it really isnt a big deal.

Answer #10

there could be something going on with your hormones but its hard to be sure. talk to your doctor. your mom might be able to help to. she might have had the same problems around the same time… you never know. just ask your mom and if that doesnt work, a professional

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