Do you think it's wrong to go back to someone who's abused you?

Answer #1

Stupid, maybe. It depends though, how did they abuse you? Are they changed? I’d imagine I would not trust that person until the trust was gained b ack again. I definately would not go back with someone who refuses to change.

Answer #2

Abosolutely. If you go back to someone who is abusing you, you are abusing yourself.

Answer #3

Yes, unless they have successfully completed therapy or some similar help program. Unfortunately, without help, most people who are abusive will continue to be so.

Answer #4

I know this person who’s bf was like this…. but he’s changed…. alot…

Answer #5

not really.

Answer #6

You’re answering your own question?

Answer #7

Wrong is well I dunno, not a word I’d use in this situation. I mean it says a lot about the person. Their self-esteem (or rather a lack of self-esteem). I guess I’d feel sorry for someone who didnt have the courage to move on. And quite frankly, whether people who abuse others actually change or not (I dont know if I believe that they truly change), is besides the point. The relationship has already been setup. You can’t change it. Anyone who goes back to it doesnt think much of themselves.

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Answer #9

no, I meant to reply to the other person…sorry

Answer #10

I agree with whoever wrote the first comment. Exactly.

Answer #11

technically, no.

Answer #12

I think if the pearson has changed then yeah sure why not, but then again for some people who are abusers aren’t really “ changers” If someone wants to go back to that then they can, they have an opportunity to walk away and to not come back, even if they are in situations where they might be in danger there is always help.

Answer #13

“technically, no.”…”not really.” If you already knew the answer, why ask? People give you their opinion, and you say they’re wrong?

Answer #14

if you truly realize how worthy you are you would never go back to some one who abused you.

Answer #15

May not be wrong, but pushing risky/stupid

Answer #16

I was saying that miss priss, because TECHNICALLY you’re not. the other person is. Apparently you guys have never been in an abusive relationship.

Answer #17

i wouldn’t go back to my ex partner after he hit me i ended it straight away because i dont expect to be treated like that for no reason at all:/ hes a woman beater and theres no WAY i would go back. ever im happier thne ive ever been now that im with someonee who doesnt hit me. xxx

Answer #18

face palm

Answer #19

That would be a good thing that they’ve never been in abusive relationships. We want to try to avoid those.

Answer #20

i never said it was good. but you guys shouldn’t put someone down who has possibly.

Answer #21

We aren’t putting anyone down…what are you talking about?

Answer #22

it sounded like it… sorry.

Answer #23

My sister run away from his abusive marriage of 16 years. She is now staying with my mother. He is not only verbally abusive but he is also physically abusive. From day one of their marriage he always throw abusive words at her. It was not until lately, she can take no more when he tried to throw a flower pot at her after suspecting that she has an affair online. He smashed her new laptop can called her names that she finally make her final exit. She has been detached from her hubby for 6 months now but her husband never stop trying to lure her back. He even seek help from the church and trying to show that he is a ‘good’ husband and father to their children and my sister is at fault. She is not going back to him and will be divorcing him very soon. Good riddance. He doesn’t realized his folly until he lost his punching bag.

Answer #24

Not if you have a gun with you >:) lol dont listen to concions told me to say that lol.

Answer #25

Like your answer lol

Answer #26

no its not wrong its stupid but i’ve done it still fighting about the subsequent children.go and find someone else

Answer #27

YEESSSSSSS theres nooooo reason you should be treated like that you desereve better

Answer #28

Its very wrong , because why would you go back to someone whos put you through abuse , if you honestly go back to that person then you are just asking for more , no one has the right to lay a hand on you or even threaten you so if you want to go back to that person thinking that person has changed then you need to realize that people who make actions like that never change and your just going to put yourself in a tough situation. Hope you liked this and it help ;/

Answer #29

It was just a question. Not for me. Or anyone. lol but people do change.

Answer #30

yeah it is do you wanna continue going thru hell again..? think about it

Answer #31

it’s just a question! it’s not for me or anytone else

Answer #32

of course its wrong, how do you know they wont keep doing it, i lived near this one lady whos bf always hit her and they would get drunk and fght and the cops would be at there house all the time and he would get arrested for the night. i felt bad for the girl the first few times, but after five times, i stopped feeling bad for her because she always abused her and she kept going back to him, and the more she went back to him, the more she kept getting hurt, so she basically put herself in that situation

Answer #33

I enjoy not being abused. Thanks.

Answer #34


Answer #35

OOOOPPPS! I accidenlty liked The “techinacaly no” post. You dont deserve that point, but enjoy it anyways.

Answer #36

“Technically no”**

Answer #37

You should probably stop following me. OR quit being a d-ck. :)

Answer #38


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