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How do I write a 2 page reflection paper when I didn't learn anything?

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Soo, I have this project I have to do for English. We had to write a 3 page research paper on Creative Writing. I basically just spoke about how students get better grades when it's a creative writing project compared to other types of writing, but I basically made it all up because I honestly couldn't find anythig to research about creative writing. & We couldn't give a "how to" on creative writing or what's involved in it. If that makes sense. Now we actually have to write a 3 page short story, showing what creative writing is. I can do that, but THEN we have to write a 2 page essay as a reflection on what we've learned... I HAVEN'T LEARNED ONE THING. What should I include in this reflection.. any ideas? & I've alread spoke with the teacher and told her I feel like I didn't learn much and she basically was like well just write what you did learn... UM, I learned nothing. lol. She's one of those teachers that makes things so complicated when they don't have to be and she's horrible at clarifying things. So I would greatly appreciate any ideas for my reflection paper about creative writing. :) Thankss. <3 Oh, & Have a great day guys!