wrist pain

I went to my doctor thursday complaning with my wrist a hurting and all she did was wrap it up and say it must be sprained she didnt even x-ray it and it hurts so much more than it did it wont quit swelling and my fingers and hand go num and it looks like the bone is out it hurts really really bad . is it broken or sprained?

Answer #1

well obviously-I AM NOT A DOCTOR, but I sometimes play one on funadvice.

I faced kind of the same issue last year, my wrists were hurting, fingers going numb, hands hurting in the middle of the night etc.

the COURSE of treatment was this.

initially my diagnosis was TENDONITUS, treated by taking anti inflammatory medication (advil). the doctors try to bring the inflammation down so that they can diagnose things better- sometimes your symptoms are caused by this inflammation. plus they would be able to get a better look at things with the swelling down. this sounds like the stage you are at.

if your symptoms persist- go back to the doctor, and progress to the next level of checks, for possible broken bones, carpal tunnel syndrome, cysts, etc. this is the area in which you recieve all kinds of tests- possible MRI’s, possible x-rays, nerve tests- all kinds of great fun.

it sounds like your doctor is /should be working to bring your swelling down so they can get a better look at things- hopefully you have medication to do this, or at least ice packs. I would truly keep your current doctor up to speed on your symptoms- COMMUNICATION is the key thing here- don’t be afraid to let your doctor know the swelling is not going down, stress your concerns, and as stated above- if you are not happy with what you are hearing- get a second opinion. I don’t know the entire course of treatment your doctor prescribed- but thus far it sounds normal.

Answer #2

Usually a doctor can tell by feeling it whether or not it’s broken, but if it isn’t getting any better go back to the hospital and get a second opinion - doctors can be wrong, they’re only human.

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