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find you parents having sex or have your parents find you having sex?

be eaten by ants or be eaten by lions?

have sex with a person of the same sex? Or have sex with 10 aniamls?

call your mom beacuse you got arrested for being a prostute or call tech. Support beacuse you were browsing porn sites and now a bunch of porn popups keep coming up and you cant get rid of them.?

marry an ugly billionaire or marry a hot poor person?

experience life like a video game or a movie?

swim through a waiting pool of male ejaculate or swim through an olympic sized pool of menstrual blood?

kill a puppy or kill a middle-aged fat man ?

be a hobo that everyone loves or be a rich asss that no one likes?

p*ss a marble or poop a bowling ball?

pole dance naked around a lampost in public or pole dance naked if front of your grandparents?

be the son/daughter of michael jackson or have no parents & live in an orphanage?

have your eye fall out at random times or have uncontrolable constant drool?

be able to live forever, so long as you kill someone once a week or die in 5 years?

*This question was asked 3 months ago by 'gennaglessnerr', reposting it because it looks fun. :)*